For this study question, state at least one of your hypotheses and the subsequent correlation results you found. Make sure that you have justification and rationale for why you are hypothesizing what you are hypothesizing (this is necessary for your paper, you don’t have to write out the full rationale here). After you present the results (report statistics in APA format), discuss what you found and why it may or may not support your hypothesis. Some of you will have the same hypotheses and findings – you can use this space to brainstorm why the results did or did not support your hypotheses.

For Paper 2 Data Collection

Recruit at least 3 participants! Each participant should:

  1. Complete the Big Five Personality test: http://www.truity.com/test/big-five-personality-test
  2. Complete the Student Learning and Studying Behaviors survey
    1. Score their survey after they are done – follow the scoring guide!
  3. Input participant data on googledoc
    1. Use your initials and then enter the data from each of their questionnaires

MAKE SURE YOU ALTERNATE WHICH SURVEY YOU HAVE THEM COMPLETE FIRST! (So if your first participant does the Big Five first, have your 2nd participant take the studying survey first.)

Please complete your data collection by Sunday at 8pm.


Like all experimental designs, within-subject designs have limitations. But instead of focusing on disadvantages, please describe the advantages that a within-subjects design can bring. What might be a scenario in which choosing a within-subjects design would be more appropriate than a between-subjects (between-groups) design?


For SQ4, please review the 2nd draft of the student learning and studying behaviors survey. Consider any wording that may still need to be modified and answer options that need to be further developed. I have left some notes in caps on questions that the class was split on.

In addition, we need to define ‘studying’ and ‘assignments’ for our participants. If you have an idea of how these can be defined, please also post that here.

You don’t need to address every single question in your SQ response. Focus on what sticks out to you and what may need more work. I think it might be best to post your responses directly on the blog, rather than in individual word docs, but I leave it up to you to decide how you want to respond to the SQ.

Survey draft version 2

To complete for class on 3/5

  1. McCrae & Costa (1997) summary and reaction

Please write a 3 paragraph summary of the article by McCrae and Costa (1997). One paragraph should cover the information from the introduction, one from the method, and one from the discussion. If you feel that you need to reference specific information from the results section in order to make your discussion paragraph more thorough, feel free.

Then at the end, write another paragraph on your reactions to the reading. What do you think about McCrae and Costa’s findings and about personality traits as universal?


  1. Survey development

Having read chapter 11, you should have a sense of survey design and development. Please begin thinking about what kinds of questions we might want to ask in our survey for paper #2.

Remember, our paper is going to examine the relationship between personality traits and student learning and studying behavior. We will obtain the personality scales from an online questionnaire and we will create our student survey as a class.

Now, begin drafting 5-10 questions you think would be relevant to ask for our student learning and studying survey.

*Side note: most of the articles I found when I searched on this topic also looked at academic achievement (GPA, graduation rates, etc.). Think about whether this is something we should also include in our survey.

If you need ideas to get you started, you can begin skimming through the 2 posted readings on our class website. You need to read one of these articles (Bidjerano & Dai (2007) or Komarraju et al. (2011)) for Thursday!


Please submit this to me via email (rtodorova@gradcenter.cuny.edu) by the end of our class time – 4pm!!