For this study question, please solidify what your two (at least) hypotheses will be for our first paper on squirrel behavior. These should be based on two behaviors that you’ve selected to compare between the two seasons. Each hypothesis should be one-tailed.  Please give rationale as to why you are predicting your hypotheses as such (if it’s based on reading we’ve done, mention the source as well).


Find an article in the newspaper that reports the results of some research (hint: check the science section). For that article, try to identify as many “scientific method details” about the research as you can.

For example: what was the hypothesis of the research? What methodology was used? How were the participants recruited? What were the key findings of the study? And feel free to be critical – what were the limitations of the study? How convinced are you of the study’s results?

Finally, please make sure you at least give the name of the article and the newspaper it came from. Bonus points if you give the citation in proper APA format!

Study Question #1

Please write your definition of science.

In addition, do you think science must be for the greater good or can science be just about the pursuit of knowledge? Also think about this in the context of ethics and our discussions.

Explain your position and/or agree or disagree with a previous post. Please write at least one paragraph.

How this will work…

Welcome to the PSY250 Spring 2018 Blog! We will use this site as an alternative to BlackBoard for posts and communication outside of class. You will be required to post your responses to the Study Questions (SQs) here. Your responses should be at least a paragraph long. You can choose to comment to your peers’ posts, or start your own post, but you must respond at least once for each SQ. Further, you must respond to another student’s post at least 5 times over the course of the semester. There are 10 SQs, so this means you should comment on at least half of them. Comments will count as one per SQ (meaning that if you comment 5 times on the last SQ, it will only count as one comment). By the end of the semester, you should have 15 total posts.