You can use this space to post any questions you may have regarding the final paper and presentation. Since we won’t be having a peer review session, you can ask questions to your peers here instead. And, if multiple people have the same question, you may be able to find an answer already on here.

This will be an on-going SQ. You will have a chance to post here and receive credit until the final paper is due. Our final exam is scheduled for 5/24 at 1:45-3:45 which means paper 4 is due in turnitin on 5/24 at 3:45.


Please describe the difference between experimental design, pre-experimental design, and quasi experimental design.

Explain why you might use one design type over another (you don’t have to describe this for all three but consider what might be a benefit of one design type in a certain situation). Also consider the possible threats to internal validity that can occur with each design type that may impact your choice. (In other words, it might be best to come up with an example and describe which research design you would use and why.)


What reactions do you have to The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat? Can something be taken away from this case study and be used for understanding other situations? Do you think this case study could have been developed as a single-subject design instead (or that a similar case could be treated as a single-subject design in the future)?

(a digital copy of the article is posted on the Paper 3 page)