You can use this space to post any questions you may have regarding the final paper and presentation. Since we won’t be having a peer review session, you can ask questions to your peers here instead. And, if multiple people have the same question, you may be able to find an answer already on here.

This will be an on-going SQ. You will have a chance to post here and receive credit until the final paper is due. Our final exam is scheduled for 5/24 at 1:45-3:45 which means paper 4 is due in turnitin on 5/24 at 3:45.

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    1. I’m pretty sure all the computers are able to handle SPSS in the library. The laptop I rented from the library was able to run SPSS just fine. I would also try the computer lab in the library on the 4th floor.

  1. Having the freedom to say whatever I want and get credit for it makes this harder somehow. So, I guess I’ll just say that it was great spending a semester with you all. This class was great and fun. Good luck with the final paper.

    PS: Remember, “Data” is plural. PLURAL!

    Example: Data were analyzed.

    1. For previous papers we only reported the correlations related back to our hypotheses. I would think if you want to include the insignificant correlations it would be your choice and personally I would include it in the table because it was mentioned in the paper.

  2. Does anyone know what type of table is expected to be in the paper for a chi-square test? SPSS does a chi-square test followed by a cross tabs which we only analyze if the results are significant. Given that my results were not significant would I only include the chi-square test table?

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