SQ7 – 2 options

For SQ7, please respond to one of the following two options:

  1. Discuss your hypotheses for Paper #3. Keep in mind the general research question: Is there a difference in response time when taking two versions of the Stroop test with and without a noise distractor?
    For your hypotheses, what do you expect to find once we run our results? You may have similar hypotheses to others in the class but you should still make sure that these make sense to you and are related to the readings (thus far). You will be able to expand on these for your paper once you read your other articles, but you need to have a strong foundation of your hypotheses before we run our results.
  2. Describe executive functioning generally and inhibition specifically. Inhibition is the focus of our paper, but it is part of the larger concept of executive functioning. Using the Miyake et al. (2000) article and Stroop’s (1935) discussion of inhibition in the introduction of his paper, describe executive functioning and inhibition, as it applies to our study.